Saskatoon High Schoolers Go Viral With COVID-19 Cover Of ‘Crabbuckit’

The students performing in the big band are in grade 9 and 10, but the video’s three main singers are in their senior years and had the added challenge of not being in class with everyone else.As seen in the video, they’re each singing alone in their bedrooms.“I had a recording of Quinn (another singer) doing it,” Grade 11 student Clara Knox said.“I put her on the music stand across from me and even though she was about two inches tall, you could kind of imagine that you’re on a Facetime call or she’s actually there.”Since being posted on Facebook Tuesday, the video had over 117,000 views by Sunday afternoon.Music teacher Deborah Flynn said the project was a treat for everyone. With no concerts or shows this semester, the class needed something to keep them motivated.

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