Sarah Silverman, José Andrés And More Celebs Are Helping Siblings Get ‘Orbisculate’ Into The Dictionary

There is now, unofficially, a word for when a citrus fruit squirts you in the eye.
On Thursday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the host welcomes siblings Hillary and Jonathan Krieger, who have been campaigning to get the word “orbisculate” into the dictionary.
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The duo launched Project Orbisculate in order to honour their late dad, who made up the word to describe that annoying moment when you’re peeling open a grapefruit and it squirts right in your eye.
As Hillary and Jonathan grew up, they heard their dad using the word around the house, never realizing that it wasn’t a real word. Only discovering the truth when using “orbisculate” around some mates.
Their goal to get the word into the dictionary requires more and more people using “orbisculate” in everyday speech. They are also raising money for a ……

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