Samuel Rauda: 5 Things To Understand About Celebrity Makeup Artist Recovering From Surgery After Crash

Learn more about Samuel Rauda, Kylie Jenner and Amelia Hamlin’s beloved makeup artist who is seriously injured after a crash.

Makeup artist Samuel Rauda‘s famous clients are praying for him after a mate disclosed that he had been in a serious accident, in which he was thrown from a “moving vehicle.” Samuel, 26, suffered internal bleeding and eight brain injuries after hitting his head on the pavement, she wrote. His loved ones are now waiting for him to wake up after surgery. Here’s five things you should comprehend about him:
1. Samuel Is Seriously Injured After A Brutal Crash’
Samuel’s mate, known on YouTube as La Demi, disclosed what happened to the makeup artist on her Instagram Story. Sharing a link to his GoFundMe, she wrote, “This weekend …

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