Royal Family bound by strict ‘put up and shut up’ rule as backlash mounts over The Crown

Royal commentator Russell Myers and TalkRadio host Kevin O’Sullivan agreed Netflix is enjoying the publicity due to the controversy on their Royal Family drama The Crown. While on Talkradio, Mr O’Sullivan dubbed Netflix cowards as he argued the streaming giant is aware the Royal Family is unlikely to hit back with legal action. He said the royals were bound by protocol to not engage with significant criticism or mockery. 

He noted they were often expected to “shut up and get on with it” unlike other families who might sue over unfair depictions.
Mr O’Sullivan said: “It is not a documentary and yet people are taking it seriously.
“People are saying, ‘does the writer Peter Morgan understand that he has got these conversations right?’
“Well, of course, he doesn’t, he wasn’t there when they were happening.
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“But it does ……

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