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The RIAA, the recording sector’s legal arm, has obtained subpoenas targeting 41 websites that make it easy to download videos from YouTube. Among those targeted are Y2Mate.com, which offers a wealth of download options and formats, and notube.net, a minimalist alternative.
Following two separate applications at a California court, the music sector group obtained DMCA subpoenas requiring both Cloudflare and Namecheap to hand over information on a large number of their allegedly-infringing customers. The Cloudflare subpoena contains 35 domains and the Namecheap subpoena 15 domains. However, due to a considerable overlap, when combined they target 41 domains.

Days ago, GitHub removed the software repository of youtube-dl at the RIAA’s request. Youtube-dl (still available at its own website) is a video-downloading application useful on many sites and platforms, widely used by journalists and archivists for entirely legal purposes.

The argument is that even though it is used for legal purposes, the fact ……

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