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Remote learning memory techniques for children | Boing Boing

More likely than not, your children are going to be doing a lot of learning from home this school year. What better time to have your children learn some super simply and effective memory techniques to help them remember more of what they learn, right?About ten years ago, my grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s disease and it inspired me to dive head-first into the globe of memory––what it was, how it works, and how to effectively use it in all facets of life. It eventually led me to win the USA Memory Championship four times and as a result, transition my career to one where I now teach life-changing memory techniques to others––business professionals, athletes, college students, and yes, even grade-school children.

To keep things simple, here is the three-step memorizing process that I teach children (“Mind Tools”, I call them––taken as an excerpt from my ……

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