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The GOP has long made it their mission to absolutely disable the IRS, therefore protecting the wealthiest of the wealthy from any sort of scrutiny. And it’s been working: as ProPublica reported in 2019, millionaires in 2018 were about 80% less likely to be audited than they were in 2011; coincidentally (or not), the IRS’s budget for enforcement has been reduced by a quarter since 2011, too.Paul Kiel at ProPublica has been focusing on this issue for a while now. At the end of the day, federal organizations are supposed to be designed to be apolitical — regardless of the exaggerated claims of Obama bias by, again, the GOP — and the IRS still has a mandate to, ya comprehend, make sure that everyone’s taxes are fairly collected. But ProPublica’s latest reporting explores the ways the department’s mandate and budget have been rigged to push them towards picking on the poor, instead of the people who ……

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