Rapper Lil Dirk Plans To STOP Disrespecting Dead Opps; After Brother Murdered!!

On Sunday morning, rapper Lil Durk’s brother Dthang was shot and murdered outside a Chicago nightclub. Hours before Dthang was murdered, Lil Durk was on stage rapping about “smoking” some of his “opps” from rival gangs.Well it now appears that Durk may be changing his ways in the wake of recent events. MTO News has learned that Durk is reputedly telling people close to him that he’s no longer going to rap about “smoking” any murdered opps.Janelle Monae Shows Off Her ‘Struggle’ Stripper Moves . . . Goes VIRAL!!Janelle Monae Shows Off Her ‘Struggle’ Stripper Moves . . . Goes VIRAL!! (; 0:12) LIL DURK has been outspoken about taking shots at his deceased rivals – especially Tooka and FBG Duck. In his music, Durk regularly raps about “smoking Tooka” or “smoking” Duck. Both Took and Duck were murdered on the streets of Chicago, by men associated with the same gang as LIL DURK.But ……

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