Queen Naija Shares Throwback Shot On Twitter (Throwbackz)

Queen Naija has been giving the people what they want lately! Sis has been going hard since she dropped her start album, “Missunderstood” back in October and lately dropped her deluxe version  “Missunderstood….Still.” Queen came through with her latest single, “Set Him Up,” featuring Ari Lennox, which is the collaboration we always needed! Not only is it a bop, but it gave her followers “The Boy Is Mine” 2021 vibes!
Outside of promoting her music on social media, Queen is one of the many stars that always posts relatable things on her accounts. Today she took her followers back down memory lane when she tweeted about some throwback brands she used to rock in high school! Now keep in mind, fashion back in the mid-2000s was straightforward! Nowadays, it’s all about designer brands and fast fashion, so it was cool to see her talk about brands like U. ……

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