Quavo Discloses Origins Of Takeoff’s Nickname, Shooting A Film With Robert De Niro On ‘Hot Ones’

Quavo talks Takeoff, Robert De Niro and more while chowing down on some seriously spicy wings on “Hot Ones”.
Quavo, 29, lately caught up with “First We Feast” and host Sean Evans for Complex‘s hit interview show. Some hip hop admirers tease that Takeoff’s stage name is a nod to the misconception that his career never “takes off.” Quavo says that is the furthest thing from the truth, unveiling that “Takeoff” serves as the highest of compliments.
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“Moviemaker you had to record in one pass,” he said of their early recording days. “Anybody who messed up on one ad-lib or anything and we had to start it all the way over. And that’s how Takeoff got ‘one take’ because he’d do his whole verse and not mess up and we’d mess up and have ……

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