Producer Phil Spector, Convicted Murderer, Dead at 81 of COVID-19

Phil Spector, the legendary music producer famous for his “Wall of Sound” — and notorious as a convicted killer — died Saturday in prison at 81.
TMZ broke the news, reporting that Spector had COVID-19, was in a hospital a month ago, but was returned to prison after it was deemed he had sufficiently recovered. His breathing became labored and he was rushed back, but he died of complications of the virus.

Spector’s career was the stuff of legend, beginning with the first hit he produced — “To Comprehend Him Is to Love Him” (1958) by his group the Teddy Bears. The title was the same phrase that served as his dad’s epitaph after the elder Spector took his own life in the ’40s. It was a #1 smash, but the group’s only success.
His production style was inimitable and new, and evolved to include using over 40 mics simultaneously to create his famous “Wall of ……

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