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Producer Delray Richardson Alleges Tupac Told Him He Slept w/ Faith Evans: She’s A Liar!!

Producer Delray Richardson sat down for an interview with The Art of Dialogue, where he opened up about the alleged involvement between Tupac Shakur and Faith Evans, the ex wife of Notorious BIG.

Rumors have been swirling for years — and Faith has always denied sleeping with Tupac, but Richardson says she’s a liar.

“Tupac had sex with Faith after that studio session,” he said. The producer says he felt compelled to tell his side of the story because the r&b singer has “besmirched” his name after his death. “When Tupac wanted to work with her, it was from his heart. There was no ulterior motive. He wasn’t trying to have sex with Faith. It wasn’t his motive to do that.”

He added, “She said that Tupac said to her that she had to give him head or, I’mma quote what she said, that ……

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