Princess Diana’s ex butler explains what ‘he saw behind closed doors’

Princess Diana’s ex butler discloses what transpired between her and Prince Charles

Princess Diana’s ex butler, Paul Burrell, came forth breaking his silence on claims pertaining to The Crown being far from the truth.
Burrell said the show’s depiction of what transpired between Prince Charles and Diana is quite accurate.
Over the course of an interview with The Sun, he said, “Josh O’Connor plays Prince Charles as a rather uncaring, cold person. And I’m afraid that’s what I saw behind closed doors.” 
“He was wedded to probably the most gorgeous woman in the globe. But he didn’t look after her, and that’s what comes across in The Crown,” Burrell added. He continued that the rift between Charles and Diana came afloat after her rise to fame.
“You’re seeing an unknown young girl rise while Charles’s star doesn’t and her popularity becomes greater than his,” said Burrell. “And that’s the whole issue.”
Burrell added: ” ……

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