Prince William & Prince Harry Over the course of Prince Philip’s Funeral – How Did They Manage? – Perez Hilton

These two brothers have been through too much in life to not still care about each other — even with everything going on around them.
As the royal family mourned Prince Philip‘s death on Saturday, royal reporters and family watchers alike took extra note of Prince Harry‘s interactions with big bro Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton. But in spite of hearing that Willz requested NOT to walk beside Harry, those looking to see ACTUAL drama must have come away disappointed — because experts are now saying the two embattled brothers (pictured together over the course of the funeral procession, inset) felt something for each other over the course of that sentimental funeral service.
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Speaking to Us Weekly about Princess Diana‘s two beloved now-adult children, body language expert Elaine Swann opened up about what she saw between the brothers. Of course, you’ll remember the major rift ……

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