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Prince Philip heartbreak: Duke ‘lacked energy’ to interfere with Harry and Meghan’s move

Prince Philip’s age prevented the Duke of Edinburgh from advising Meghan and Prince Harry on the decision to step down as senior royals, royal biographer Ingrid Seward said. She told Fox News: “At his great age, there was a limit to how involved he wanted to be. 

“At that age, you just don’t have the energy and the drive to interfere too much with your grandchildren’s lives.
“If Prince Philip would have been younger, he would have been more influential.
“He would have told Harry, ‘Are you sure you understand what you’re doing?
“‘Do you understand what you’re giving up? 

“‘You cannot have one foot in the palace and the other foot out.
“‘You have to make a decision and I don’t want you to regret it’.”
The Duke of Edinburgh is believed to have been sympathetic with Meghan, who came from a distinct country ……

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