Prince Harry warned amid title row: ‘Your actions have consequences’

A royal expert lately came forward to warn Prince Harry against aiming to keep his royal titles since “you can’t have all the toys.”
This warning was made by royal expert Marlene Koenig. Over the course of her interview with Express UK, she described, “Actions have consequences. Mind you, I am pro-Harry and Meghan but I do think there are some things where you have to suck it up. You made a decision, you can’t have all the toys.”
Over the course of the course of her interview, she even touched upon how pivotal it is for the crown to support the duo moving forward. “That being said, the palace needs to support them in what they do. The palace needs to just let them do it. Now when we go to titles, the only person who has a title here is Harry.”
“Meghan has those titles by marriage only, when she went into St. George’s ……

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