Prince Charles avalanche: When was Prince Charles caught in a skiing accident?

Episode nine of The Crown series four is titled ‘Avalanche’, and the drama depicts the experience of Prince Charles and his mates who made a skiing visit to Switzerland. While many aspects of The Crown are not true to life, Prince Charles and Princess Diana did visit a ski resort in Switzerland over the course of the 1980s. Over the course of their visit, tragedy struck one day when the royal group attempted a treacherous run intended only for the most experienced of skiers.

Members of the Royal Family often take skiing trips, and Prince Charles and Princess Diana usually took one every year over the course of their marriage.
In 1988 Charles and Diana visited the Klosters resort in Switzerland with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and a few of their close mates.
On March 10, Prince Charles, Major Hugh Lindsay, Charles Palmer-Tomkinson and his wife Patti, set out on a trip away from the busy slopes at the Klosters ……

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