President Trump Releases Executive Order On Building The “National

As President Trump’s term is coming to an end, he has placed an Executive Order to honor over 200 historically significant Americans, including entertainers, founding fathers, religious figures, and others, to be featured as statues in the new “National Garden of American Heroes.”
President Trump made his announcement yesterday on the White House’s website. In the order, he stated, “I made it the policy of the United States to establish a statuary park named the National Garden of American Heroes (National Garden). To begin the process of building this new monument to our country’s greatness, I established the Interagency Task Force for Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes (Task Force) and directed its members to plan for the construction of the National Garden. The Task Force has advised me it has completed the first phase of its work and is prepared to move forward. This order revises ……

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