Pop Smoke Makes His Acting Start In The Next Film “Boogie” (Video) – The Shade Room

It’s been almost a year since the passing of Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke, but he definitely continues to make his mark on the globe. Today the trailer for the new film “Boogie” was released, which includes Pop’s acting start. The film is about Chinese-American basketball player Alfred “Boogie” Chin living in Queens, New York, who studies and works on his dream to make it as a professional basketball player. However, his parents disapprove and pressure him to apply for a scholarship to an elite college.
The involvement between Boogie and his dad, who is a police officer, and the Chinese cultural traditions which cause a rift between Boogie and his peers is also showcased in the film. The coming-of-age story displays Pop’s character a few times, showing him meeting Boogie on the basketball court and in the streets. In the film, it appears as if the men ……

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