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Philip Rivers announces retirement after 17 seasons: ‘It’s just time’

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Brady, talented Buccaneers playmakers developing chemistry

TAMPA, Fla. — When Tom Brady drops back in the pocket he has a bunch of options to attack opposing defences, including a talented collection of receivers that’s possibly the best he’s played with in more than a decade — perhaps even his entire career. For starters, Mike Evans is the only player in NFL history to begin a career with seven consecutive seasons with at least 1,000 yards receiving, Chris Godwin is a prime target with exceptional hands, and Rob Gronkowski is one of the most prolific tight ends of all time. Don’t forget Antonio Brown, who joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at midseason and has contributed to the team’s run to Sunday’s NFC championship game at Green Bay. Tight end Cameron Brate has been a trusted and dependable playmaker for Brady, too. Then there’s Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson, ……

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