Phaedra Parks Has A Message About Daunte Wright

Phaedra Parks shared a message about Daunte Wright and followers reacted. Check out what she had to say.
Someone said: ‘He wouldn’t have been stopped let alone harassed and murdered,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘This is so TRUE I JUST wanna understand how can a 26-year veteran police officer mistaken her revolver for a taser they don’t weigh the same i mean really. His life is now gone another Black Young Man and its a mistake no she messed up and he was a target only because she was training and you wanna show your trainee how to pull over someone who so happens to be a young black man scared out of his mind and here you are a 26-year veteran officer what a way to end your career. She should be off the force and held accountable for what she has done to his Family. ……

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