Peter Gunz Gets Into Brawl On ‘Cheaters’!!

Peter Gunz was named as the new host of Cheaters last year — and over the course of an episode of the show, the ex rapper gets attacked by man on the show.’CHEATERS’ TRAILERCheaters Short Trailer (; 0:58) The crazy thing is, Gunz was defending the guy.The clip was featured on Showtime’s Desus & Mero show, and the pair hilariously broke down the scene.The man’s woman was staying with another man (purportedly.) The man begins to get angrier and angrier before he then attempts to slap the iPad out of Gunz’s hands. He then begins to shove him. Gunz hits back and the pair end up wrestling each other on the grass before they are both pulled off each other by security.Gunz is later seen apologizing: “If I upset you, I apologize. Let’s get this to him. I need you to channel this energy toward the man that’s with ……

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