Pale Walves Disclosed What It’s Like Touring With Halsey And Shared Their Dream Collaborations

What’s a song that you wish you’d written?“Hit So Hard” by Hole. That song is so good. I love how she makes it pop, but because of the guitars it’s so grungy. We plan to do an EP after this and I feel like I’m gonna go more grunge. Actually, I’m torn between country and grunge. I think the safer option is grunge, and then I’ll do something country later down the line.Do you have a story with a fan that sticks out to you?Lately, a girl messaged me and said that she came out to her mother as gay. Mother didn’t like it at all, disowned her, and said, “You can’t stay in my house anymore.” She was sleeping in the back garden. I tried to be there for as much as I could — I would reassure her that she shouldn’t feel shame because ……

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