‘One Million B.C.’ Actor John Richardson Dead of COVID-19 at 86

John Richardson, the handsome British actor who, alongside sensation Raquel Welch, went caveman in the camp classic “One Million Years B.C.,” died January 5 at 86, supposedly of COVID-19.
Cinema Retro broke the news to admirers, with writer Mark Mawston eulogizing him. “John may have battled dinosaurs and vampires on-screen,” he wrote, “but the current real-life horror of COVID took from us one of the true gentlemen of cinema, whose love for life was obvious through the twinkle in his famously blue eyes.”
Born January 19, 1934, in Worthing, Sussex, England, Richardson’s good looks made acting a viable career path following a stint in the Merchant Navy.
After several inconsequential early roles in the late ’50s, he made a splash opposite Barbara Steele in the Italian horror classic “Black Sunday” (1960). He enjoyed working in Italy, landing solid roles in genre flicks, while occasionally appearing in smaller roles back in the UK, including ……

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