October 2020 Women’s March: Thousands Protest Trump Replacing RBG In DC & Across The Nation — Images

Protesters lined the streets of DC, NYC, LA, and dozens of other cities as they joined the second Women’s March of 2020. See snaps from the nationwide marches against Donald Trump.

The threat to reproductive rights in the United States has gotten so significant that the creators of the Women’s March have called an emergency second protest of 2020. On Saturday, October 17, thousands of women, nonbinary individuals, and men took to the streets in Washington, DC and across the nation to let their message be heard: President Donald Trump cannot, and will not, replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court with Amy Coney Barrett.
In the meantime, protesters took part in over 100 sister marches throughout the United States, armed with signs, slogans, and a healthy dose of anger. Rather than the ubiquitous hot pink pussy hats, the must-have accessory for the events were protective face masks. As the COVID-19 ……

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