NYC Underground Swingers Party Broken Up By Sheriff’s Deputies

A bunch of free-spirited sex revelers had their good time cut short by cops in the Big Apple — an interesting contrast to another attempted New York bust gone bad.
The NYC Sheriff’s Office busted in and broke up an underground swingers club early Sunday morning in Queens … which is said to have been hosting upwards of 80 people — a big no-no under Gov. Cuomo’s new 10-person-or-less rule.

Sure enough, there was a rager going down — music was blasting and people were mingling and sipping on booze, which the Sheriff’s Office says was being illegally served. Oh, and there were some people making whoopee too … altogether.
The cops say they found three couples having sex in a small room — apparently, this swinger joint — which goes by Caligula, of all names — has services for that if you’re looking to get busy. The Sheriff’s Office even snapped a ……

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