New Video of Capitol Siege as Rioters Say ‘We Are Listening to Trump’

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Video has just surfaced — the most dramatic and upsetting by far — showing the Capitol insurrectionists storming the building as they told cops, “There’s a f***ing million of us out there. We are listening to Trump, your boss.”
And as they enter the Senate Chamber you hear someone say, “While we’re here we must as well set up a government.”
The video was shot by New Yorker war correspondent Luke Mogelson, who was covering the “Stop the Steal” rally.
The video is unlike all the others, in that you really see how committed the rioters were to invade the Capitol … pretty clearly committed to do great harm.  As they breach the Chamber, you hear someone say in frustration, “Where the f*** is Nancy.”  Someone else screams, “Where the f** are they?”
The group at times tries to compliment the cops and other times they attack, screaming, ” ……

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