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New research claims that Facebook is 5 times more polarizing for conservatives than liberals | Boing Boing

Understanding Echo Chambers and Filter Bubbles: The Impact of Social Media on Diversification and Partisan Shifts in News Consumption is a new peer-reviewed study by Brent Kitchens, Steven L. Johnson, and Peter Gray, lately published in MIS Quarterly, a journal that focuses on the IT field. Here’s a brief summary of their process:
Using a data set with over four years of web browsing history for a representative panel of almost 200,000 U.S. adults, we analyzed how individuals’ social media usage was associated with changes in the information sources they chose to consume. We find differentiated impacts on news consumption by platform. Increased use of Facebook was associated with increased information source diversity and a shift toward more partisan sites in news consumption; increased use of Reddit with increased diversity and a shift toward more moderate sites; and increased use of Twitter with little to no change in either. Our ……

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