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New Jersey Votes In Favor Of Recreational Marijuana, While Oregon Becomes First State To Decriminalize Hard Drugs Like Cocaine & Heroine – The Shade Room

Roommates, the election is extremely close right now, but that’s not that only place that our country is hoping to make major changes. As a nation, there is allegedly a push to relax marijuana and other drug laws, and it looks like New Jersey and Oregon are the latest states to do so.
According to CBS news, New Jersey voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana on Tuesday, with more than two-thirds of voters in favor of the change, and Oregon took a major step by decriminalizing possession of small amounts of hard drugs like cocaine and heroin.
In New Jersey, the initiative is allegedly an attempt to decrease the amount of Black and Latino people that are arrested for possession of marijuana, and Oregon plans to create treatment centers for people caught with small amounts of hard drugs.

People arrested with small amounts of the drugs would not ……

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