New Jersey Congressman got down on his knees to pick up trash after Capitol insurrection | Boing Boing

New Jersey Representative Andy Kim, the first Korean member of Congress in the Democratic Party, aided with the clean-up process after Wednesday’s Trumpsurrection on the White House.From AP News:

New Jersey Rep. Andy Kim walked amid the mess soon after voting to certify Joe Biden’s victory over Trump — and felt the weight of the day dressed in on him — when something motivated him to clean up the debris.
“I was just really affected emotionally. I felt this kind of heightened, kind of supercharged kind of patriotism that I just felt take over,” he said in an interview.
It was then he noticed police officers putting pizza boxes in trash bags, so he asked for one, too, and started cleaning up.
“When you see something you love that’s broken you want to fix it. I love the Capitol. I’m honored to be there,” he said. “This building is extraordinary and the ……

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