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Nasty Feud Explodes: Kirstie Alley Slams Leah Remini In The Search For Missing Scientologist Shelly Miscavige

It’s a Scientology smackdown! When Kirstie Alley was asked by a fan what she thought of Leah Remini filing a missing person report on Scientology leader David Miscavige’s missing wife, Shelly, in 2013, she didn’t hold back. 
“How do you feel about the claims Leah Remini had about Shelly Miscavige? I watched a few documentaries, so I am no expert, but I have definitely thought a lot about Shelly since hearing of her disappearance in 2007. Is she OK?” a Twitter user wrote on Sunday, November 29, in a direct reply to Alley.
“This was done as a PR stunt to promote a book and show for LR,” the 69-year-old responded. “To my knowledge, it took less than 2 hours to find SM alive and well. This was in 2013 yet wasn’t broadly publicly acknowledged by LR or her crew or the press. It was not done out of real concern.”


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