NASA Scientists Uncertain What Object is Speeding Toward Earth

There’s a mysterious object hurtling toward Earth right now that will whiz past us early Tuesday morning, and in ideal 2020 fashion … nobody’s sure what the heck it is.
The unknown space mass has been dubbed “2020 SO,” and is set to fly by our planet at an extremely close, but safe, distance of 31,605 miles at 3:50 AM ET December 1.
The object was discovered by the Pan-STARRS survey in Hawaii back in September, and initially, it was believed to be an asteroid measuring an estimated 15-33 feet across.
However, scientists at NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) soon started to postulate it wasn’t an asteroid or even a “natural body” at all.
Instead, CNEOS director Paul Chodas is on record saying he believes the object is the Centaur rocket booster from NASA’s failed Surveyor 2 lunar mission … which launched way back on September 20, 1966.
Chodas used a bunch of pc science and math to ……

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