Mulan: 6 Nods To Disney’s Animated Classic To Look Out For

Mulan: 6 Nods To Disney's Animated Classic To Look Out For

Minor spoilers are ahead for the live-action remake of Mulan** .**

Since Niki Caro’s Mulan has been in development, the movie has been drawing a clear line between the 1998 animated hit and musical and its new badass and action-packed PG-13 version. But now that we’ve seen it, Disney’s 2020 version references the original we know and love a lot more than we might have expected. No Mushu does not have a cameo , but another key figure from Mulan before this does.

Yes, there’s a number of changes the live-action version does with the material and overall Mulan is Disney’s most standalone remake yet. There’s still plenty of nods to the classic version we spotted, you can follow along below: Mulan Chasing After Chickens

2020’s Mulan places a closer focus on Mulan’s relationship with her father in this version, this time with the Hua patriarch narrating the film and […]

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