Model Agency Founded By Jeffrey Epstein & Jean-Luc Brunel Subpoenaed After Sexual assault Claims

Jean-Luc Brunel has been dragged into the Jeffrey Epstein case in the Virgin Islands after prosecutors issued a subpoena for the Miami modeling agency he helped found with the deceased pedophile, MC2. OK! has exclusively obtained the subpoena, which is quite heavily redacted unlike the other documents filed in the case.
The most interesting of the requests may be the ninth, which involves any knowledge, proof or evidence about Epstein’s procuring young girls to abuse. Of all the tales that have been told about Epstein, few are as chilling as the tale of three French girls flown over to the Virgin Islands for his birthday. They were purportedly a gift from Brunel and just 12 years old, according to Virginia Roberts.
In the past two years, multiple models have come forward and alleged that they were sexually assaulted by Brunel after being brought on by the agency.
The other requests ……

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