Mischa Barton Says She Felt Pressure to Lose Virginity After Landing The O.C.

“I started to really worry that I couldn’t play this character if I didn’t hurry up and mature a little.”
Mischa Barton opened up about the challenges she faced playing sexualized characters as a young actress.
“The truth is that sexuality has always been a component of my career,” the star said in an essay for Harper’s Bazaar published on Friday. “Even from a young age, I was sexualised. My film start, ‘Lawn Dogs,’ explored themes of child molestation, and — while the crew did everything to ensure that I wasn’t exposed to the realities of what all that meant — when I did press for the film, it became clear that it was very mature content.”
Barton added that she found it hard to process having her characters experiencing things she had yet to experience herself, such as a first kiss or first period that her second film ……

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