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Michelle Natalie Nuñez Describes What It Takes To Get Into Character For Tyler Perry’s Cult-Like Series, ‘Ruthless’

Written by BET Staff

Tyler Perry Studios has taken on a new story plot that centers around life inside a Black cult in his latest series, Tyler Perry’s Ruthless. The drama-thriller series is a spin-off from the BET original series The Oval and grapples with the Rakudushis and their jarring practices displayed on their compound. 
The series stars actress Melissa L. Williams (who plays Ruth Truesdale) who kidnaps her girl Callie to join the sex-crazed members of the Rakudushis cult and their leader known as “The Highest” played by Matt Cedeño. 
The second part of the first season of Ruthless, titled Ruthless Tranche 2 premieres on BET+ on Thursday (Nov. 26) where admirers of the show will be met with familiar castmates, Yvonne Senat Jones who plays Tally and Lenny Thomas who stars as Dikhan. This time around, there are some new faces added to the mix including up and coming ……

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