Michael Che’s Response to Elon Musk SNL Controversy, Regrets Not Ruining Colin Jost’s Wedding

“I didn’t ruin his wedding — I feel like I kinda let him down — so now I feel like I gotta ruin the marriage, perhaps.”
It’s probably been since Donald Trump was announced as host of “Saturday Night Live” before he ascended to the presidency that a host announcement has been met with such controversy, but Elon Musk now holds that honor.
Likely, the show will have more eyes than usual on it. Surely there has been plenty of scrutiny since the announcement of cast reactions, with a few notably making social media posts that would seem to suggest they’re not too thrilled about it.
Anyone who’s watched the show — and its “Weekend Update” segment in particular — understand that co-anchor Michael Che seems to prosper in that cringe space. He’s surely been no foreigner to causing controversy all on his own with some of his edgier ……

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