Meryl Streep Insists Barack Obama’s Story About Her In His New Memoir Isn’t 100 Per Cent Correct

By Becca Longmire. 1 min ago Meryl Streep responded to Barack Obama’s inclusion of her in his new memoir A Promised Land over the course of an appearance on Monday’s “The Late Show”.
Streep, who has been promoting her new film “The Prom”, was asked by Stephen Colbert about Obama recalling in his book: “Meryl Streep leaning over to softly recite in Mandarin the lyrics to a song about clouds that she had learned for a part years ago.”
However, she insisted the ex president’s story wasn’t 100 per cent correct.
“I do remember that moment,” Streep shared, “but he got the story a little bit wrong. He’s a very good writer but his memory is…”
Colbert laughed, “Let’s fact check the president here.”
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