Meri Brown Separates From Kody: I’m Done Being Treated Like Crap!

Meri Brown Separates From Kody: I'm Done Being Treated Like Crap!

Meri Brown said this week that she really wants to be left alone.

The Sister Wives cast member came out with a pretty harsh statement that demanded privacy from her large contingent of social media followers.

But then?

Brown came out yesterday and once again seemed to make her private life as public as it gets.Sharing a number of memes and quotes to her Instagram Stories page, Meri certainly appeared to take some clear shots at spiritual husband Kody, writing for instance: Being kind does not mean allowing people to walk all over you. It means setting healthy boundaries with others. Because you must be kind to yourself before you can show true kindness to anyone else. It’s important to note the timing of Meri’s words of wisdom here.As previously reported on The Hollywood Gossip, the TLC star traveled to Utah last week to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the […]

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