Massive Van Gogh projection art exhibition coming to Vancouver Convention Centre | Listed

A massive immersive digital art exhibition that blankets tall walls and floors with the projections of works by Vincent van Gogh is slated for Vancouver Convention Centre starting in February 2021.
Called Imagine Van Gogh, the exhibition from Europe features over 200 of the famed Dutch artist’s paintings, with the projection on surfaces transporting visitors on a journey to the heart of the artist’s work — allowing the audience to “literally enter the artist’s globe of dreams.”
Plans to bring the exhibition to Vancouver were announced today, but a specific start and end date has yet to be established. The exhibition will operate under the latest public health guidelines in BC.
The exhibition footprint inside the convention centre is 30,000 sq. ft. For context, the total amount of exhibition space at the Vancouver Art Gallery is about 41,000 sq. ft.
Imagine Van Gogh 2020. (Imagine Van Gogh)

Imagine Van Gogh 2020. (Imagine Van Gogh)


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