Mary Steenburgen’s iPad Is the Real Star of Happiest Season

Image: Hulu

There’s a lot to talk about in Happiest Season, Clea Duvall’s new LGBTQ+ Christmas rom-com for Hulu. A lot of it is good. Some of it warrants real criticism. Almost all of it is gay. But there’s one element of this film that is absolutely, unimpeachably ideal. And that … that is Mary Steenburgen’s giant iPad. The real star of the film. (Warning: Spoilers ahead. I apologize if you consider this iPad disclose to be a spoiler. Get over it, Scrooge.)
From the moment Harper (Steenburgen’s closeted girl, played by Mackenzie Davis) walks through the from door with her “roommate” Abby (Abby is played by Kristen Stewart, which is to say she’s no roommate), Steenburgen is in their faces with her iPad. She’s snapping shots for her husband (Victor Garber) who is running for mayor and trying to build an Instagram brand. ……

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