Margot Robbie & Andra Day wore Chanel for the Golden Globes: stunning?

When Margot Robbie turned up on the actual red carpet for the Golden Globes, I was stunned… that some people were actually showing up in person. Margot wasn’t the only one! A bunch of “presenters” turned up in person. It felt weird, especially since there was not a mask in sight for any of the personalities (people in the audience were dressed in them though). Margot wasn’t just a presenter, she was also there to represent Promising Young Woman, which her production company put together and produced. Margot has a big Chanel contract, and she obviously wore Chanel for the Globes. I dislike this! It’s not glamorous enough for a normal Globes show. But it works for a Pandemic Globes.

Israeli actress Shira Haas also wore Chanel. She’s the star of Unorthodox, and she’s the first Israeli actress to be nominated for a Golden Globe. They ……

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