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Man SHOOTS GF On Live Then Asks People To ‘Like’ Page!! (Graphic)

MTO News has learned that a disturbing video is making the rounds on social media this morning, it appears to show the aftermath of a man shooting and killing his girlfriend, and another woman. And in an extended version shows the man asking people to “like” the disturbing video.

The video first started making the rounds on Twitter last night. In the video, a man videos his home, where two women are lying in a pool of blood. The man says he’s “sorry” and then adds that he shot he women to “safeguard himself.”
Then, MTO News learned that the man does the inexplicable. He goes over to one of the women,  and picks up her head – showing the graphic gunshot wound to her head.


The video is so disturbing that Twitter has quickly deleted it from the social media platform. ……

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