Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade just featured a native land acknowledgment

The 2020 parade featured a land acknowledgment, traditional rattle song and a blessing honoring people of Native American tribes historically based in the Northeast.
“Did you catch the performance of the Wampanoag Language Blessing?” Macy’s tweeted just after 10 a.m. ET, with a image of man who took part.

The parade highlight came as Indigenous people across North America move to reclaim their lands, a campaign that is gaining steam as the US grapples with injustices committed against marginalized communities.

The tradition featured Thursday acknowledged the Lenape territory of Manahatta — the site of the parade in New York’s borough of Manhattan — according to a news release from Indigenous Direction, a firm that consults on Indigenous cultural protocols in theater and film and collaborated on the segment.

In English, the blessing translates into: “Creator and Ancestors, we honor you for all things. We honor the Lenape people of Manahatta. We ……

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