Machine Gun Kelly Spotted Sneaking Out Of Nightclub With Mystery Blonde! Should Megan Fox Be Worried?? – Perez Hilton

So far as we comprehend, Machine Gun Kelly is still dressed in Megan Fox‘s freakin’ blood in a vial around his neck. Is there a chance, in spite of that level of creepy commitment, that he would get caught with another woman??
On Thursday night it surely looked like it. The My Ex’s Best Buddy singer was photographed arriving at a hot Hollywood nightclub with a blonde woman who was obviously not his famous girlfriend! The pair were later spotted sneaking out the back rushing to his car — apparently trying hard (though unsuccessfully) not to be seen. You can see the images HERE.
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So should Megan worry??
Well, for the moment admirers of the celebrity couple can breathe easy. This particular lady was later identified as MGK’s assistant, Olivia Stone (no, that isn’t her up top). We imagine the Transformers star ……

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