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One of the best people I met over the course of the time I lived in Ithaca, New York was John Lennon, an author, musician, and all around great dude whose books are published under the name J. Robert Lennon for what should be fairly obvious reasons.John has a great weekly SubStack newsletter where he discusses the intersections of writing and music, mainly in terms of creative processes. And in this week’s newsletter, John discusses a particularly bizarre vinyl recording he happened upon over the course of the local library sale, created by a man named Dr. Noving Jumand in collaboration with some early Moog employees from nearby Trumansburg, NY:

Jumand was something of an Ithaca legend back when I first moved here in the nineties, though he’s mainly forgotten now. He’d come to town for a Cornell PhD in psychology, and was teaching as a lecturer, when he got approval for a controversial study ……

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