List places Calgary among best cities for moviemakers to live and work

CALGARY — A new report exploring the best places to live and work for members of the film sector has ranked Calgary number 10 among 25 cities across North America.
The list, complied by MovieMaker, looked at major cities and considered numerous factors including, surveys, research on business environment, recent productions, visit to locations and quality of life.  
According to Calgary Economic Development, Calgary continues to show it’s one of the top destinations for film and television production in North America.
“Calgary prides itself on being a film-friendly city for many reasons,” Mary Moran, president and chief executive officer of Calgary Economic Development, said in a release.
“We work closely with municipal departments, business zones, community leaders and the arts community to ensure one-window access to quality locations and services.”
According to Moviemakers website, this year’s list was separate than any previous list the organization had conducted as more moviemakers ……

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