Lightkey Pro predicts what you’re going to write next – and can supercharge your texts, emails, and more | Boing Boing

Thanks to machine learning, algorithms understand us now as well as we understand ourselves. Once artificial intelligence starts building a file on you and your habits, assessing data, then extrapolating outcomes, it becomes very clear how much we each follow our own particular patterns – and how easy it is for some smart AI to start predicting our moves even before we make ’em.Case in point: predictive text. After a while, your texting app comprehends your voice, comprehends which words you tend to use, and can start offering up suggestions for the next word you plan to type that are eerily accurate. 
Lightkey Pro has taken that technology to its current pinnacle, allowing users to virtually engage their version of writing cruise-control via word prediction tactics that can help writers compose texts, emails, reports, and more at double, triple, or even quadruple their current speed.
Much like your phone will ……

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