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Liam Hemsworth Puts His Buff Arm Muscles On Display In Tank Top Over the course of Intense Workout — Photos

Liam Hemsworth flexed his impressive muscles in photographs from his killer workout on Instagram while dressed in just a thin white tank top.

Liam Hemsworth lifts, bro. The Hunger Games actor, 30, shared photographs from a particularly intense workout on Instagram, much to his admirers’ delight, showing exactly what it takes for him to get those muscles. In the October 13 post, Liam is dressed in a tight white tank top and shorts while working up a sweat with some seriously heavy weights.

He joked in the caption that he was actually helping his mate, ultra-marathon swimmer Ross Edgley “train.” Ross, if it wasn’t clear from the photographs above, has abs and arms that make Liam look downright small. Liam’s admirers were focused on him, though — and how much they think that he looks like an iconic Marvel character not played by his older brother, Chris Hemsworth.
“Why I am seeing a ……

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