‘LHHH’ Star Max Lux Denies Abusing Wife Brandi B!!

Admirers were horrified to hear audio of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Max Lux yelling at his wife Brandi B on Instagram Live.
Their child could be heard crying in the background.
Over the course of the livestream, Max can be heard yelling:
“I ain’t your motherf*ckin’ clumsy ass, goofy ass n*gga b*tch,”he says. “I’m not down for it. B*tch, f*ck you… You got that through your head yet? You got that through your head, b*tch? I’m not with your program.” 

He then tells her to leave their home. At one point, Brandi can be heard saying: “Never again will you beat on me.” 
Brandi posted a message to her Instagram to validate that she is safe.

Max Lux denies ever laying hands on his wife.
“First off f*ck y’all I ain’t hit nobody u lame ass mnfs,” he wrote. “Second I’ll pop sh* ……

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